It adds value to your products by ensuring that from creation to the final end user, opacities and the risks of alteration or counterfeiting are eliminated.

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What do we connect?

We connect the history of brands or the authenticity of works of art with those who enjoy them. Because when it comes to high value goods there is a lot at stake.  If the products you manufacture, market or manage are of high individual value, Gouze is your perfect ally. Gouze is the platform where all the information related to the creation or movement of unique products and of high individual value are interconnected with each other in an intelligent, reliable and secure way.  

How do we connect them?

GOUZE allows the immediate digital understanding between all the agents involved in the life cycle of a certain good of high value and makes possible the incorporation of all that information that may be required or useful to any other participant, guaranteeing the identity of each one of them and facilitating better decision making.
GOUZE allows the information to be linked in a reliable and unalterable way with relative people, equipment or objects by offering companies, agents and consumers a total control of the supply chain, from the origin to the final end user, providing transparency and reliability to the movement of goods and merchandise throughout the world.

Connect and trace the guarantees that just your brand offers.

Why use GOUZE?

Why use GOUZE?

Information management related to the phases of conception and development of products and processes and the protection of intellectual property.

  • Validation of compliance with quality certifications before the incorporation of lots into the production cycle.
  • Allows the final end user to know the history of a product and validate its authenticity and processing conditions.
  • Product location tracking and everything related to storage or transit conditions.
  • Secure Packaging Systems Management
  • Traceability of product expiration and availability
  • Incorporation of information in any medium and format guaranteeing that it cannot be altered.
  • Efficient documentation management linked to customs, tax and origin procedures.


GOUZE makes DIGITAL UNDERSTANDING possible in a non-invasive way, getting the information flow and movement of the products to converge and, in fact, the products themselves are the bearers of their own information


All information is stored in Blockchain, it cannot be lost or manipulated and the identity of the contributor is guaranteed.

Easy to Use

As PaaS allows immediate use without the need for complex integrations or long implementation or consulting processes.


Gouze is accessible to any organization regardless of its size and from any digital device.

How is this beneficial to my activity?

GOUZE is much more than a platform to connect and trace information. Through QID, our qualified digital identity, we can guarantee and certify with full legal validity the identity of all information contributors.

GOUZE enables you to connect and trace what you consider important to protect the value of your most precious products. GOUZE offers you:


Improves the possibilities of monitoring the assets of high individual value and from the origin to the end user, the non-existence of fraud is guaranteed.


Offers total accessibility to information by internal and external means, facilitating monitoring, verification or auditing processes of the creation cycles and compliance with regulations regarding the origin of goods and merchandise.


Improved capacity and speed of reaction contributing to better risk management.


Reinforces the company image and brand reputation by reinforcing the guarantee of authenticity, transparency of information and reducing the risks of counterfeiting.

Connect and trace the guarantees that just your brand offers.