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What do we connect?

Gouze is the platform where products and services incorporated at supply chains are interconnected between them in a smart, reliable and safety way.

Because a Connected Industry is only possible when all the information about the life cycle of any product or service is connected and accessible for everyone.

Gouze adds value to your products and services by improving the creation of collaborative environments between different supply chains, from producers to end consumers, removing opacities and inefficiencies at the transmission of critical information.

How do we connect these products or services?


GOUZE allows real time communication between all parties involved in the production processes, furnishing the incorporation of any information that may be required or useful. In this way, the identity of everyone is guaranteed, improving a better decision making.


GOUZE allows information to be reliably and unalterably linked to people, processes or objects, offering companies, agents and consumers a better management of the supply chain, from the origin to the final consumer, providing transparency and reliability to the transport of goods and merchandise around the world.


With GOUZE you will have available all the information of your business that impacts on the Objectives of Sustainable Development, facilitating its monitoring and the fulfillment of the defined objectives.

Why using GOUZE?


Offering to final consumer truthful information of a product from its origin, being able to validate its authenticity and production conditions. Tracking the location and quantity of products available. Management of Security Packaging Systems. Traceability of expiration date and product availability.


Information related to storage and transit of goods. Traceability of incidents and its corrective actions such packaging deterioration and loss of goods. Efficient management of documentation related to customs and tax procedures.


Because a Connected Industry is only possible when it is accessible to all and allows the transfer of information of any product or service in an efficient, reliable and accurate way. We help build smarter, safer and more reliable supply chain networks with powerful protocol solutions tailored to the specific use cases of your industry.


Integration of the information coming from the integrated control systems inherent to each phase of the productive process, from origin to the final consumer. Management of information relating to the conception and development phases of products and processes. Intellectual property protection. Verification of compliance with certifications before the incorporation of batches to the productive cycle.


Traceability of processes related to a life cycle of a entire project for a more efficient management, connecting all stakeholders, both internal and external ones. Incorporation of information in any support and format, guaranteeing it keeps unalterated.


Management of energy efficiency and traceability in the use of energy resources as well as environmental impact of production processes. Traceability and management of the efficiency at processes incorporating reused good, increasing life cycle of products. Incorporation of information related to the SDG compliance.


GOUZE makes DIGITAL UNDERSTANDING possible in a non-invasive way. Our objective is to ensure that information and production flows and finally making products and services the carriers of their own information:


All the information is traced in Blockchain, being impossible its manipulation. The identity of the provider is guaranteed.


As its immediate use is allowed without complex integrations nor long implementation times nor consulting processes.


Gouze is accessible to any organization, regardless of size and from any digital device.

Which are the benefits for my business model?

GOUZE is much more than a platform for connecting and tracing information. By incorporating QID, our qualified digital identity, the legal recognition of identities for all parties using our services is guaranteed. It offers total accessibility to the information by any of the stakeholders, improving management and quality processes related to fulfillment of standards and regulation for goods.Improves proposal value of companies and their brand reputation by reinforcing the guarantee of authenticity the the transparency of information and reducing the risks of counterfeiting or fraud.